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1st Trimester: Products I Loved, Symptoms, Bump Update & More

Hi friends and hello second trimester!

*Disclaimer:  Affiliate links are used in this post.  I may earn a small commission for any products I mention.  However, I only refer products that I truly stand behind.  All opinions are my own.

I can’t believe how fast the first trimester flew by.  It’s probably because I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was almost 5 weeks (which really is early for many women) and so the remaining 7 weeks felt like they flew by! But, nonetheless, here we are!

Baby H is growing like crazy! When I first found out I was pregnant, the very first thing I did was download “The Bump” App so I could keep track of how big this little babe was week-by-week.  It was, and still is so insanely interesting for me to see all that’s happening with this little miracle.  It truly is amazing how quickly babies grow in the womb and how early they develop such important things like a heart, brain and other vital organs and systems.

So anyway, now that I’m moving into my second trimester, I wanted to give you guys a little update on how things have been going with this pregnancy.  I wanted to share some of my symptoms, products I’ve been loving and of course show you a bump pic!

Warning: this is going to be quite a long post so bare with me, okay? Grab a cup of tea or some coffee and tuck right into this update.

The First 6 Weeks:

When I found out I was pregnant, we figured out that I was just roughly 4 weeks.  So, the symptoms and products that I was loving during the fist six weeks are kind of hard to pin down since I was only consciously pregnant for almost 3 of them.  However some of the early symptoms that I experienced were: fatigue, nausea, indigestion/heartburn and mild cramping. Ryan insists that some of these were psychological once I found out I was pregnant but I beg to differ.  Growing a human is exhausting, okay?

Even though I didn’t really get sick in those first 6 weeks, I did struggle with the constant nausea.  It started right around 5 weeks and just didn’t let up and if anything, only got worse.  It was just constant and felt permanent.  I didn’t want to eat anything, I just felt like I wanted to be laying down and it felt like nothing helped.  It was terrible.

I shouldn’t be complaining about nausea since I never really got sick but it was quite an annoyance.  I did find though that changing the frequency of my eating really helped.  Mostly, I think I felt nauseous because I wasn’t eating often enough.  I definitely didn’t need to be eating more quantity-wise at this point, but eating more often really kept the nausea at bay.  So I found that carrying extra, little, easy snacks with me to work and just being conscious about eating when I was home was really helpful.  I also found that Ginger Ale really helped and something a friend recommended that was a total score was this Plant Therapy KidSafe Tummy All Better.  I just kept it on me all the time and if I started to feel nauseous I just took a few sniffs of it and I almost immediately felt better.  It was literally amazing.

Some of the products I used in those first 6 weeks deserve some love: Rainbow Light – Prenatal Petite Mini-Tab Multivitamin, A Fish Oil Supplement (Personally, I used the ones we found at Trader Joe’s but any would do the trick really), and A Gummy Calcium Supplement (I got the Kirkland Signature brand from Costco and love the flavor of the gummies!). I also clung to Tums because I had bad heartburn/indigestion.

Some things that I really liked, not only in the first 6 weeks but also throughout my first trimester and things I’m sure I will continue to love are: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and The Bump App and


The Second 6 Weeks:

I think that I jinxed myself in those first six weeks because I kept telling everybody that I hadn’t gotten sick at all.  At the start of week 8, the nausea had subsided but then I started getting sick 😷. Yuck.

I wasn’t getting as tired as I had in those first six weeks but the fatigue was definitely still kicking my butt.  I did still get tired around mid-day (mostly, I think because I wasn’t drinking any coffee because this baby has decided it doesn’t like coffee…thanks, kid).

One of the downfalls that I experienced though was constipation 🙄 ugh…the worst.  I’m not even going to get too much into but just know that not pooping is not fun.  Luckily this only stuck around for about a week but still…ugh.

Something else that I really, seriously struggled with was keeping up.  Keeping up with my school work, doing blog work, cleaning the house, making meals and doing other things…it was really hard to find the energy to do those things because I just felt so tired all the time.  And, I thinking knowing that I wasn’t keeping up like I wanted to be doing was just as difficult and probably made things worse.

I had my first doctor’s appointment just after the 8 week mark so that was something that I really looked forward to and something that I was really excited for.  My doctor confirmed my due date of August 6 and gave me a ton of information about prenatal screenings, nutrition, and she did an exam and told me all about the blood work I’ll need to get done and we scheduled my next two appointments.  One, for my first ultrasound (yay!) and the second for a general pregnancy exam.

Something I found that really helped with the nausea and upset stomach was ginger tea.  I used the Stash brand Lemon Ginger tea and it was really the only thing I found that actually helped to make me feel a little better.  That combined with just kind of forcing myself to eat something even when I didn’t feel good really helped to keep that nausea down.

By the time we told our families on Christmas I thought I was feeling great but after we made the big announcement, the daily morning sickness really hit me.  It actually wasn’t terrible though, to be honest.  I’d be sick in the morning but then after that I felt great the rest of the day and the sickness took the place of the nausea all together which I’d call a massive win!  So between weeks 8-12 I somewhat struggled with that but knowing that I was nearly out of the first trimester helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel!

At 11 weeks we got our first ultrasound and y’all…I was so hype about this.  I didn’t really know what to expect but it was so amazing.  I guess at 11 weeks I hadn’t really expected it to look so much like a human and it was so bizarre. We could see our baby moving all around and so active and I definitely shed some tears seeing it for the first time. I knew that baby was in there but to actually see it was so emotional.

Lots of people asked me if I started having any cravings yet and honestly, the only thing I can say that I’ve really been “craving” is ice cold tap water.  It’s the only thing that sounds good to drink and even though I’ve been drinking coffee again, ice cold tap water is my go-to and I bring it with me everywhere!

All-in-all the last half of this trimester was relatively easy, especially because I had gotten more of my energy back and was beginning to feel more like myself.  I think I am feeling more energized too because I am beginning to see my little bump grow and that makes things really exciting for me.

So onto the really fun stuff! My bump pictures and my ultrasound!



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