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All About The Basics

Where are my basic girls at? ¬†Come on…raise your hands. ūüôčūüŹľ I know you’re out there.

Well wherever you are, I’m right there with you. ¬†I loveeeee me some good ole’ basic pieces.

When I talk about “basic” pieces here’s what I’m referring to¬†pieces that are relatively neutral and¬†pieces that can be mixed and matched regardless of the season.

Growing up, I always tried so hard to follow fashion trends. ¬†There were so many items of clothing that ended up going to waste because they never got worn either because the trend faded out that quickly or they just didn’t feel like “me”.

Let me tell you something that I’ve come to learn…basics will never fail you. ¬†No matter what the current trend is, basics will never steer you wrong. ¬†You will always be looking on-trend and fashionable if you’re armed with really nice basics.

In my post about starting a capsule wardrobe I touched on the idea of basics just a bit.  However, I want to go a little more in-depth today and really give you guys a good resource for a creating a great stockpile of basics for your own wardrobes.


So, to start, I wanted to give you a list of some basics I think every closet should have:
  • Tee-shirts: plain colored (at least black, white & gray), a nice graphic tee, and a striped tee
  • Tank tops: plain colors and one striped tank
  • Jeans: a pair of light-wash jeans, dark-wash jeans and then a pair of black jeans
  • Cardigans: I always like to have a gray cardigan on-hand but a nice black cardigan as well as a nice cream colored cardigan are always a good idea too
  • At least one nice pair of plain black leggings (these babies are versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down
  • a chambray button-down
  • a simple skirt (I love a nice black midi or maxi skirt)
  • a simple, cotton dress that can be dressed up or down
  • a pair of all-purpose shoes (for me Sperry’s always take the cake

There are definitely more things I could add to this list, especially depending on the season but I won’t go into all that right now (perhaps that needs it’s own post entirely?). ¬†However, I think these are some of the really easy staples that any closet should have.

Honestly, if you’ve got these basics, you can mix and match and seriously create a countless number of combinations to create a variety of looks!

Here’s the thing about basics: you can find basics at literally any price point you can imagine. ¬†If your budget is small or if your budget is larger, you can find some really nice basic pieces with a keen eye and some investigation.

So I’m hoping that this gave you all some inspiration for filling your own closets with some really nice basic pieces!

Where are your favorite places to shop for basics?

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