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DIY Welcome Mat

Happy Monday, friends!  Okay, okay…so maybe it’s not a happy Monday for everyone…it is Monday after all.

But, what better way to celebrate the start of another week than a super fun and simple DIY?

This DIY was inspired by the door mat that I’m sure you all have seen roaming around the inter webs.  It says something like “If you’re Amazon, a babysitter, or Joanna Gaines, we’re home”.  Well..the hubby and I loved that one so much that we figured we should recreate it to fit us.  So I took out “babysitter” and just kept the rest.

Kind of a fun side note though before we begin!  Ryan and I got new doors which is super exciting!  This is what we had before:

It wasn’t horrible but it definitely just wasn’t working for us anymore.  The storm door we had was so awful and cheap and needed to go about 10 years ago so we were happy to see this gone!

Stick around to the end to see the finished product and the doors we’ve got now!

So…onto the juicy juicyyy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paint (I used black, acrylic paint that I already had at home)
  • A small stencil brush (This set from Amazon is a great score!)
  • A plain, door mat (I got mine on Amazon and you can find it here)
  • A print-out of your Door Mat Template (This link is the exact template I made and it fit perfectly on my 18×30 mat)
  • An exacto knife to cut out the letters (I got mine at Joann Fabrics but they are available pretty much anywhere. This one from Amazon is the same one I’ve got) 
  • Masking tape or painters tape to hold down your paper

So, after you’ve got all of your supplies together, the rest is so easy.  If you’re going to be using the template I linked up above, simply print it out, cut out the letters (word of warning…this is not hard but very tedious, especially depending on the length of your quote) and lay your template down on the mat.  If you are using your own template make sure everything is sized correctly once you’ve printed it out and then cut it out and lay down the template.

Next, you’ll want to tape down your template to your mat to make sure it’s not going anywhere while you paint.

Then, get a little paint on your brush and begin.  I would definitely recommend dabbing off a bit of the paint you picked up to make sure you’re going to get an even coverage over the entire letter when you start and as you go through.

Last but not least, pick up your template, let everything dry and it’s ready to put outside for your (and others’) reading pleasure when you come to the front door!

It’s literally that easy!

All-in-all I think this DIY costs a total of right around $25-$30?  Suchhhh a cheap alternative to the $50 that the original mat is being sold for on Etsy!

I love the way this looks out in front of our door!

Let me know if you guys give this a try!  Share your photos on social media and be sure to tag me!


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