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Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Hi friends!

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This year is very exciting for the Hotalings, it’s the first year we’re actually committing to taking a nice family photo! We’ve had photos taken of us in the past but mostly it was for my mom for her wall.  Since we got married, we’ve never just taken a family photo on our own.  So this year, we’re doing it. We’re going to start the tradition of being able to watch our little family grow.  So this year, Ryan and me and the dog are bundling up and taking a family photo for the wall and for our Christmas card! Woohoo!

So I wanted to give you guys some outfit combination ideas and some tips for what to wear for your family photos!

First and foremost, the best way to figure out how to coordinate outfits for photos is to figure out what kind of a look you’re going for.  Are you going to do formal photos? More casual? Dressier? Figure out first what you’re going for and then start with that.

For us, we are a super casual little family so we decided to go with a more casual look.  Here’s something like what we’ve got going on for our photo this year:

I also wanted to show something a little bit fancier.  Okay…it’s not really that fancy but it’s definitely a little more than the casual outfit I’ve got above:

Here’s what our actual, final product looks like:
 I think we clean up pretty nice, but I may be bias 😉.  We don’t look to shabby if I do say so myself.
Hopefully, you guys enjoyed these few ideas I put together and maybe even got some inspiration of your own for your family photos.  What are you guys wearing for your photos this year?  Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ohhappyhotalings if you try out any of these ideas!

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