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Happy Birthday, Chandler!

This was after his first bath about a week after we had gotten him. Notice how HUGE his collar was back then? Scroll down and see what he looks like now! Things change so fast!


My little boy is ONE!  I can’t believe he’s already a year old.  Seriously, time flies.  Thinking back over our time with our little boy I can’t help but find it hard to remember what it was like before him.

When we first got him, he was so timid and shy around people and other dogs and now he gets so excited to see every single person we pass or that comes to the house.  He makes a terrible first impression with other dogs because he’s so excited to see a friend that he is pretty sure will want to play with him.

It’s insane how much he’s grown!  Since I’m with him all day everyday, I didn’t really notice any huge change in the way he looked or how much he weighed but looking back at pictures and thinking  back to our first vet visit, he’s grown soooo much!  Our first vet visit with him, he was right around 20 pounds and he was 4 months old.  When we took him to the vet at the end of March, at a little over 10 months old, he was 70 pounds.  I’d imagine he’s just a bit heavier now at a full year old but holy moly!

When we decided that we wanted a Goldendoodle, we went in with this assumption that he would be about 40-50 pounds…umm wrong!  Big time wrong.  When we went to pick him up and saw the size of his paws, we knew he’d be wayyyy bigger than we anticipated!

He’s the best snuggler EVER, he loves to be loved, he is the king of fetch, he’s a great napper, he’s turning out to be a great running partner, he loves to swim, he loves salmon but not fish flavored foods.  After trying a bunch of different foods we found his favorite is Taste of the Wild, the one with venison.  He’s insanely smart and has pretty good problem solving skills.  He HATES car rides and refuses to jump in the car so he’s treated like a huge baby and gets picked up and carried to the car.  He loves to tear apart stuffed toys and pretty much any toy that can be ripped apart.  He loves wood.  He loves rope and paper.  He’s so mellow and just literally the best dog ever.

Growing up, I wanted a dog so bad but my parents would never let us have one.  When Ryan and I got married, I immediately wanted a dog.  Once we moved and settled into our first home, the conversations started again.  We had a yard now, a fenced-in yard at that.  It was a perfect place for a dog.  Ryan (who grew up with dogs) was hesitant at first but at some point relented and we began looking online.  We knew we wanted a Goldendoodle because as it turns out…I’m actually allergic to animals so we needed a hypoallergenic dog.  We found Chandler on a site that was listing Goldendoodles that had been bred somewhat local to us.  When we saw his picture we fell in love with him.  After looking at a few others on the site, we felt pretty set on Chandler.  When I called, the woman on the phone had told me that she thought there was one puppy left from the litter but she would have the actual breeder call me back.  I was a little worried because we felt so certain about Chandler and I didn’t want to be let down if it wasn’t the little guy we’d seen in the picture.  His color was so beautiful and unlike any Goldendoodle I’d ever seen and he was just so cute!  The breeder called me back and said that there was one puppy left and that it was Chandler!  We were so excited!  We went back and forth about when we’d come to take a look at him.  We are such impatient people that we asked if it would be alright if we just came that night.  We drove about an hour and a half up there and our hearts just melted when we saw him.  We had driven all that way so there was no way we were going to say no!  So we loaded him up and home we went.  Now that he’s been ours for almost a year, I can’t imagine not having him in our lives.  He’s brought so much joy to our little home and our little family.  As my first dog ever, we got pretty darn lucky.  He’s my buddy and I just love him so much.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  We love you!

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