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Keeping Your Pups Safe In The Snow

Hi there friends!

Today, I thought I’d give a little attention to all the pups out there since I’ve been so focused on baby stuff.  I don’t want Chandler to think I’m neglecting him now that there’s a baby on the way so today, we’re showing him a little extra love (not that he doesn’t get it anyway but what the heck).

Here in Pennsylvania, it has been brutally cold.  We’ve gotten a good amount of snow over the course of the last few weeks and while Chandler loves it (will someone tell him he’s a Goldendoodle, not a Siberian Husky?), snow is something that I always worry about with having a dog.  Keeping him safe during a snow storm or just during this cold weather in general is something that’s constantly on my mind.  I wanted to share a couple of tips for making sure your pups stay warm and safe during those harsh, unforgiving, Winter days.

#1: Know your pup

If you’ve got a dog that thinks he’s a snow dog like mine does, he’s probably okay to be out in the snow for a bit longer.  However, if you’ve got a smaller dog or a dog that’s got shorter hair, keep an eye on your pup and knows the signs of a doggo that’s too cold.  Limit your pup’s time outside if you know your dog doesn’t handle the cold well and in general, just keep a watchful eye on your dog in the cold weather, listen to your pup and your gut and take precautions if necessary to keep them safe.

#2: Keep those pads protected

Ice, snow and a cold ground in general can do a number on your pup’s pads.  Keep an eye on those delicate little babies and if they appear cracked or dry, apply a slave or a moisturizer that’s dog-safe to keep them soft and protected.  I’ve read that using an udder cream is perfect (originally meant for cows but something like “Udderly Smooth” should do the trick and I think you can buy it at most any store, including Dollar Tree…score!). However, there are loads of dog-safe and even dog-specific salves and moisturizers to keep those pads protected.  I’ve even seen some owners go as far as to buy dog “boots” to put over their pup’s feet to keep them from directly touching the ground.  I’m not sure I’d go to those lengths (more so because Chandler would get those off in like 4 seconds) but if that’s your thing, go for it!

#3: Use dog-safe salt on your driveways and sidewalks

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory but just make sure that the salt you’re using to clear your walks and driveway are safe to use with your pets.  Some rock salts contain harsh chemicals that, while non-toxic can still upset a pet’s stomach if ingested to keep an eye out and make sure your pet doesn’t eat the salt on the ground.  Salts can also cause those poor pads to become irritated.  As far as you, the owner are concerned, help out and use a pet-safe salt to keep the ice away.

#4: Keep your pet warm

Look out for signs of cold in your dog and if he/she appears cold, know how to warm them back up again.  You can cover them with a blanket or towel, put a little doggie sweater on them, warm them up by using the warm setting on a hair dryer and best of all, give your pup ALL the snuggles to get them warm.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and find them helpful for keeping your four-legged friends safe in this chilly weather!

How do you keep your pets safe in the snowy weather?

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