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Life is a beautiful ride

Last weekend, we headed up-state to Ryan’s family’s to say a final goodbye to his great-grandmother, Grammy Jane.  At 98, she had a long, full life and in the end, found her way back home.

But her funeral and the party afterwards (yep, that’s what she wanted…a party…my kind of gal) really got me thinking about life…and death.  Grammy Jane was an avid poem writer and she wrote a really beautiful poem back in the 70’s that Ryan’s grandmother read aloud at her service that really touched me and got me thinking and I wanted to share it with you all.

I stand on the brink of nowhere, looking
right, left, ‘fore and back.
At where I’ve been and what I’ll be!
No traces any where I see!
Have all my years been empty?
All this so called living left no mark upon the land?
Is there no one who’ll 
remember of my
dreams, my hopes, my plans?
Has my time on Earth been wasted?
Were my dreams all for naught?
Will my leaving go unnoticed,
like a star, soon forgot?
It really doesn’t matter, for I’ve been
and I have seen!
I have watched a thousand sunsets,
seen the seasons come and go!
Tasted berries, felt the rain, heard
the nightbirds, walked in snow!
Every day was full of living, learning
looking, taking, giving.
I’m not sorry at life’s passing
It was kind, and full for me.
My feet have found the right road!
And I’m on my way — with God
-Jane C. Gerould-

I found this poem astonishing.  Mostly because I wonder where her mind must have been when she wrote it all those decades ago.  But this poem really touched me because as I heard people speak about her life, it became aware to me that she really tried to live a full life.  A life that was fun and as she said so perfectly in her own words, “full of living, learning, looking, taking, giving”.

Before Ryan’s grandmother read this poem, the pastor had read a verse by King Solomon about the seasons of life and how there is a season for every part of your life.  He read King Solomon’s words on how there is a season for giving, a season for taking, a season for listening and a season for talking.  There is a season for living and there is a season for dying.  That verse by King Solomon and then the poem by Grammy Jane just really summed up how life is and how it can be.

I’m not here to tell you about how you should be living your life.  How you live your life is your own business.  However, I just wanted to share this poem with you to get you thinking about how beautiful life can be.

Life is short.  I’d imagine that somewhere in Grammy Jane’s 98 years she stopped to wonder where the time had gone.  I’m only 24 and I often wonder how things move along so quickly.

So today, I’d life for you to think about slowing down.  Take a moment to think about life and how precious and beautiful it is.  Love the people around you, be kind to one another and just appreciate the gift of life that you’ve got.

I know I am truly blessed and Grammy Jane reminded me of that.

Until next time, friends.

In memory of Jane C. Gerould, 1919-2017 in the arms of the Heavenly Father.


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