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Quarterly Goals: 4th Quarter…already??

Happy last day of September, you guys! Where did this month go? Anyone else wonder why times goes by so fast as an adult? I’d love to know why that happens.

Anyway…in light of tomorrow being the start of the 4th quarter, I wanted to get a jump on things and lay out my goals for this final quarter of the year.  I’m just going to jump right into it because if you’ve been here for a while and you’ve seen my 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter goals, you know how this goes…

Work/Blog Goals

  • Stay ahead of posts for this quarter and continue posting twice every week.
  • Keep consistent taking and using awesome photos and get more creative with different angles and different shots
  • Get a freebie up, make a landing page and figure out how to get more people to subscribe to my email list
  • Educate myself more on marketing, getting my site out there, and in front of the right eyes consistently
  • Post on Instagram twice everyday
  • Post more content on Pinterest

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Continue to stay motivated running even through the cold months – I have been loving seeing what my body can do throughout this marathon training and I am so stoked to continue seeing what my body can do as I continue through this training plan.
  • Get back into the gym, there’s even more reason now that it will be getting cooler
  • Drink more water, cut down on coffee and cut out soda

Personal/Miscellaneous Goals

  • Work hard on house reno work and get everything done before Christmas so we’ll actually have some time to relax in a finally finished house before we move!
  • Pass my GRE and get accepted into a Master’s program
  • Get Chandler out more.  We’ve been keeping the back door open so he can go in and out while we’re at work but I want to start getting him to the park more and out on runs with me more often.
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