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Styling Sneakers for Casual Fall Outfits

Hi there, my friends!

I recently got into sneakers as a sort of fashion statement.  I’m typically a Sperry-wearing type of girl but once I started seeing ladies wearing sneakers more and more, I couldn’t help myself and I had to give the “trend” a try for myself.

The sneakers I’m wearing are the New Balance Women’s 501 Fashion Sneakers (love my black but honestly sooo wishing I had gone with the red instead) but these things are so comfy and I’m just really loving them as a way to change up a casual look that’s a little outside of my usual Sperry shoe choice.

Let me tell you a minute about my obsession with New Balance.  I was never a New Balance girl.  Growing up, we always got Nike shoes and that was something I just always stuck with.  However, when I got into running, my sister-in-law (who’s a physical therapist) suggested that I try out New Balance.  I found a pair that were on sale to try out and I have not gone back since.  I have to admit that I did try to stray but came back every time because New Balance just works for my running style.  So, when I was checking out these “fashion sneakers” I went with New Balance first because I knew how comfortable they were and I knew that New Balance was notorious for having some really cute fashion sneakers.  So on my search I came across these 501’s and I really love them.

These shoes are casual and comfy.  You can wear them a couple of different ways and you can look laid back but still put together which I personally love!


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