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Summer Date Ideas + Outfit Inspiration

How long have you been with you significant other?  Do you still go out on dates?  Do you still do things just the two of you?  My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and I know that we are guilty of not setting aside enough time to go on dates, to spend time just the two of us with no other distractions.


It’s not easy to mindfully put aside time.  Trust me, I know that very well.  Life is so busy and we all have so much going on and so it’s hard to decide that just getting out of the house and having some time just the two of you should be a priority.  It’s easy to let “dating” your significant other get pushed to the wayside.  However, after Ryan and I went to Orlando just a few weeks ago, I realized just how important it is to have some time to just do some things as a couple.

Even though you may see your significant other every single day, you never really have those opportunities to “connect” with one another.  We often get so caught up in the mundane day-to-day that we miss opportunities to connect.  Now, when I say “connect” with one another, what I mean here is to really talk with one another, say more than just “how was your day?” and “let me tell you what such and such said today”.  When you are dating your significant other, even after your married or in a committed relationship, doing things together almost forces you to connect on a different level than just living together and having all of those same everyday conversations.

So today, I wanted to give all you lovebirds out there a few really simple and affordable date ideas for the Summer.  I also wanted to throw in a few really fun outfit inspirations both for him and for her!

First and foremost, let’s start with perhaps the simplest of dates, a picnic in the park.

When Ryan and I were first dating, Ryan was more or less living with me at my parents house and my parents and I had had a disagreement and they basically told me that Ryan couldn’t continue to “live” at the house.  So after that happened, I really realized how important it was to “date” your significant other.  Soon after that incident, Ryan and I went out on a picnic and I just remember it being really nice.  It was a beautiful day, I had packed the ingredients to make sandwiches and we just laid out a blanket in a park nearby and we just sat there with our picnic, chatting and taking in the gorgeous summer weather. It was a really intimate way to connect with one another because even though there were other people around, on our little blanket it was our own little world and it was great.

I know in a lot of towns and cities, throughout the summer, they hold free outdoor concerts.

We live really close to the Delaware river and down on the waterfront in a town near me, the first Friday of every month through the Summer. If the venue allows, bring a blanket or some lawn chairs, a bottle of wine and some glasses and a snack or two and hang out, listen to great music and just enjoy each other.

In many counties in many states, there are loads of places that offer tours of a winery or brewery.

Where my husband grew up, he was close to the finger lakes in New York and there are tons of wineries and breweries up there but come to find out there’s a whole wine trail right in our home county! This is something that’s really fun and often these wine tastings and tours are only a few bucks!

In any of the above situations, the great thing is that you can get away with outfits that are comfy and casual! There’s no fancy restaurants, no dress codes, just you and your love.  So be comfy and casual! Here’s two outfits that I think would work really well in any of these dates!

This Summer, make time for you and your significant other.  Connect on a different level and just enjoy one another!

Until next time, love birds!

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