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Thrifted DIY: $10 Challenge

Good afternoon and happy Saturday!


Today, I’m bringing you a really fun DIY!  I honestly don’t know where the idea for a $10 challenge came from other than the fact that this week, before we head to Orlando, we’re on a bit of a budget.  So, in an attempt to still be able to do a fun DIY, I figured only spending $10 was the perfect way to be able to do that while still staying within a reasonable budget.

Really what I want to show here is that a really good DIY doesn’t need to be done from brand new items bought at a craft store.  I definitely know that sometimes DIYs can get kind of pricey and so this $10 challenge is to show you that things can be done really well, on the cheap!

We recently finished our guest room upstairs and we don’t have anything on the walls so I was looking for some sort of decor that I could put on the wall up there.

I headed out to my local thrift store and after walking through the store once or twice, I finally found these amazing candle stick holders that hang on the wall.  They were $4 each so I went on the search for some candle sticks.  I lucked out and was able to find a set of four candle sticks that were all white and all the same height.

What I want to do with them: I am planning on spray painting them white and then distressing them a bit so the black shows through and they look a little antique.

I think these will go perfectly with the decor we’ve got in that room upstairs.  All the furniture we’ve got up there has been repurposed (the headboard was my uncles when he was a little boy and I painted that white and distressed it and the dresser was from an estate sale that I also painted white and distressed).

So onto the actual DIY part: it’s really fairly simple to repurpose something.  Here’s the process I use:

  1. Clean up your item using some sort of all purpose cleaner or degreaser and allow it to dry completely
  2. Use whatever paint you are going to use and paint that baby!
  3. Allow the paint to dry and begin utilizing your newly refurbished project!

I am in love with the way these look in our guest room.  They’re so simple but add just what we were looking for up there!

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